Top 5 Home Safety Tips

Your home is likely your most valuable asset. If you’re like most people, you want to take every precaution necessary to ensure it stays protected. Use these 4 basic home safety tips as a foundation for protecting your property and your loved ones.

1) Be proactive

When it comes to protecting your home and keeping your property and family safe, taking preventative measures is your best option. Installing a home security system is a good way to get 24-hour protection from a range of threats. And getting home insurance from a provider like can help you find coverage that compensates you in the event of property damage.

2) Reinforce your boundaries

Don’t make it easier for a burglar to enter your property and take your belongings. Install heavy exterior doors with limited glasswork in the construction, and install and use heavy duty deadbolts to prevent burglars from kicking your door in. Also, ensure that you’re using shatterproof glass on your exterior windows – specifically large glass patio doors.

3) Protect against fire

Taking measures to prevent house fires presents an opportunity for you to actively get involved in your home’s safety. Eliminate fire hazards from your home such as burning candles, unattended space heaters and overloaded electrical outlets. And ensure that you have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers so you can get notification and respond if a fire does happen.

4) Childproof your home

A home that’s safe for two adults can suddenly become hazardous when children are thrown into the mix. Keep childproof locks on your cabinets (specifically those with sharp objects or chemicals), cover electrical outlets and secure shelves and other furniture that presents a risk of falling over and injuring young children. It’s also a good idea to scan your home for choking hazards and to eliminate them before they become a threat.

Start with these 4 tips, and you can reap the happiness and peace of mind of having a safe home and family.