PPI Basics

Experiencing problems with your finance? Or to be more specific, are you having great difficulties in paying up credit card debts, loans, and other financial obligations? No problem. What you need is a Payment Protection Insurance or PPI. This type of protection is actually a great way to secure yourself against debts, bankruptcy, and other financial trouble due to failure of accomplishing certain financial obligations. A PPI policy covers various types of payments such as credit card obligations and loans. When you are having trouble fulfilling these obligations due to illness, accident, or any situation that may hamper your capability of paying up debt, a PPI will surely come in very handy.

However, you should also be aware about mis sold PPI plans. For quite some time now, there has been a great buzz regarding the practice of mis selling PPI. Now, why in world certain individuals and even huge lending companies such as Capital One and HSBC get involved on this? It is simply because they can create more profits through mis selling PPI policies than any other usual way to make money. In truth, mis selling PPI has now been a routine among various lenders. Due to this, these lenders have been fined. But since this kind of profiteering is very lucrative, the practice or rather malpractice is still rampant. Because of this, thousands of people are filing PPI claims.

According to certain sites who intend to help people who are looking for the right insurance policy, there are ways to pinpoint mis sold PPI policies. If you have doubts about sales agents whom you think are concealing vital information about your insurance policy, you can check out these sites. They offer tips on how to ensure that you are only getting the best insurance deals no matter who you are and what your financial capabilities are.

It must also be noted that making a PPI claim for those who purchased their loans online can be quite difficult. Nevertheless, consulting your official insurance agent will help you sort out difficulties that pertain to your PPI claim. To avoid encountering problems with your insurance policy it is definitely best to make sure that your agent explain everything to you. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Getting all the necessary information that you need plays a huge role in finding the best PPI plan for you and your family. For more information about PPI claims, feel free to check out excellent resources online.

Busy Moms Need PPI Claims Advice Too!

If you’re a busy mother, you already know how hectic day to day life can be. Sometimes it’s just hard enough making choices that benefit the entire family. If you’ve taken out a loan in the last 10 years, however, you have to realize that PPI could be attached to it. Payment protection insurance covers a series of products that were designed to catch you when you “fell” in life. However, analysis of the industry indicates a high number of claims actually turned down. For the average consumer, this means a lot of money literally poured down a drain without any benefit at all. The nature of insurance is such that you want to pay for services and benefits that you can actually use. The last thing that you want is to find that you can’t use a service — without even being told that there was a possibility that you wouldn’t be suitable for the service at all.

That’s money that your children really could have used in the future. This means that if you’re angry and ready to fight back, we understand just how you feel. It’s time to fight back in a major way. It’s time to get the money that was taken from you. It’s time to make sure that you are always thinking about the road ahead in terms of getting your money back, but also doing something worthwhile with the money.

You never know how much your refund is going to be. On top of the interest that will be paid, you probably have more than one PPI attached loan. This means that you could have a lot more money sitting there waiting for you than you might expect. It’s difficult to realize that you have bright options, because there’s really so much going on all the time.

What about getting someone on your side for PPI claims advice? This means that you’re including third parties that can keep you on a straight path. There’s nothing wrong with believing that you will be able to get things done. If you’re not careful, you will find that you are going to run into some serious problems. Let the right legal representation speak for itself. You’ll be able to unlock a whole new world of premiums sent back to your bank account — what a great idea!

Mis-sold PPI – Don’t let the banks get away with it

The popularity of Payment Protection Insurance nowadays can be credited to a number of negative publicity it gained. Despite its good intentions when introduced to the market over a decade ago, PPI has never done anything yet to prove itself right. And when the massive mis-selling scandal was discovered, it has gone farther down the drain, bearing mud to its name. To date, PPI claims have been making a lot of people in the financial services industry busy, with the demands for review and mis-sold policy compensation flowing freely through their doors.

Payment Protection Insurance, in a nutshell, has been created to protect consumers from missing out their payments. When taken alongside a loan, credit card, or mortgage, the consumer is assured to have some sort of security fund that will cover their obligations while they are recovering from a prolonged sickness, accident, or trying to find a new job to sustain their cost of living. Unfortunately, banks have devised a lot of mischievous ways of selling the product to millions of their consumers, causing a massive number of complaints going their way following a High Court ruling.

If you were ever one of the people who believe to be mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance, your chance to reclaim the payment you made to it is here. You can do it on your own or have a PPI claims expert assist you with the process.

To begin your claim, you need to establish first if you have PPI on any of your credit accounts. You may have signed up for it together with a credit card, loan, or mortgage, or you could have bought one for each. Look through all your account related documents to find references to how much it has cost you so far and how long you have had it sitting there, accruing interest. These sets of paperwork will serve as your proof when you make the claim.

Given that you’ve got it all together, write now to the bank that sold you PPI and tell them that you demand a review of your account on grounds of mis-selling. How will you know there was some sort of mis-selling when you were signed up to PPI? Here are a few questions you can answer:

• Did the insurer, bank or credit card company not mention that PPI was optional?

• If for an insurance policy – Did they mention any exclusion, including pre-medical conditions or retirement?

• Did they neglect to tell you that interest was payable on PPI costs?

• Did they state that the policy could expire before you paid for the loan?

• Did your bank, credit card company or insurer hard sell or push the PPI coverage?

• Did they add PPI to your contract without your knowledge?

If you answered YES to any or all of it, you are most certainly tricked into buying PPI. Attach the evidence you gathered to the claim letter and then let your bank review it for a few weeks – 6 or 8 in general.

Do not be worried that the bank may not entertain your claim. They are bound by the law to investigate the case and do something to resolve it within the general turnaround time. Delays may happen if the case lacks sufficient proof but nonetheless, you’ll have to be informed of what has gone on.

If your bank fails to contact you after the review or they rejected your claim even though it was evident that PPI was mis-sold to you, don’t think yet that you’ve reached a dead end. The Financial Ombudsman Service can help you further. Lodge a complaint against your bank and let the FOS handle it. They’ll ask further question to your bank to find out what went on during the investigation and what led them to plainly fail to send you a notice.

When your claim is upheld, you can expect a notification from both the FOS and your bank, where the latter is required to set things straight and give you a refund of the payment you made to PPI, including the interest it incurred while it was sat on your account.

It is true that the banks have set aside billions of pounds to compensate their customers on the account of mis-selling PPI. If you’re sure that you were a victim of this scandal, do something to clarify it now and make things better for you.

What is the difference between buildings and contents insurance?

Unless you’ve taken out a policy before, it can be difficult to work out what kind of home insurance you actually need. To help clear things up, here is a guide to buildings and contents insurance, and the differences between them.

Buildings insurance

When you search for buildings insurance quotes, you will be quoted a premium that covers the cost of protecting the structure of your home. This includes:

  • Roof
  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Fitted kitchen
  • Bathroom suite

Buildings insurance should provide financial protection for all of these things in case of theft, fire, flood, storm, falling trees, subsidence and burst pipes. However, all policies are different, so you should check what is included when searching for home insurance quotes.

When you take out buildings insurance, you may also be offered the chance to add extras to your policy. Additional extra cover costs more, but it does cover things like boiler breakdown, plumbing work and damage to your central heating system.

Contents insurance

Unlike buildings insurance, contents cover protects possessions inside the property itself. You can get a contents insurance quote for everything from computers and electronics to jewellery and other valuables.

When you apply for home contents insurance quotes, you will need to provide an accurate estimate of what everything is worth when it is new. If anything should become damaged by fire, flood or natural disaster, or if it should be stolen, how much will it cost to replace?

Many insurers offer combined buildings and home contents insurance policies, and for homeowners, these are the policies you should go for.

Are All Home Insurance Quotes Created Equal?

One question that gets asked around the Internet a lot is whether or not home insurance quotes are created equal, or if they are all the same. There’s nothing wrong with asking this question. After all, we definitely live in a society where information is at an all time high. Even though this has made it easier to shop for all types of different products and services, there still comes a time where everything seems to run together.

So, the truth of the matter is that not all home insurance quotes are really created equal. There are so many variables that go into a home insurance quote that it’s virtually impossible for two quotes to affect your family in the same way.

For starters, you will need to think about the total amount that you can actually sure. For some areas, the total amount is just limited to the equity in your home, while in other places you can pretty much specify how much coverage you want. Now, if you get to name the type of coverage that you want, you could end up paying a pretty penny for that type of coverage.

This is why looking up home insurance quotes online is a great thing, because you automatically know where you stand. You can always give any of the companies that you find a call and have them actually talk to you in greater detail about your needs. Remember that online quotes are only a starting place — you might need to talk to an agent and get more information. Most companies allow for online agents to guide you through the process and to answer questions.

If you have items that are very high in value, you may need to have them added to your home insurance policy on their own. Otherwise you’ll end up having to keep them excluded forever, and who wouldn’t want to replace their collectibles when everything else needs to be replaced as well? This is something a lot of homeowners just assume is included in your home insurance policy, which isn’t the case at all.

You owe it to yourself to really do your homework when you’re trying to find the best home insurance quotes. Going online gives you the most convenience and security, so why wouldn’t you want to get started as soon as possible — you’ll definitely be glad that you did!

How is Homeowners Insurance Calculated?

The basic principle behind homeowners insurance is calculated risk. Very basically, an insurance company will work out the likelihood of an accident and the cost of putting it right again, and based on this figure, it will set a premium. In the event of an accident, homeowners can make a claim and the company will pay out the agreed amount.??Insurers calculate the likelihood of accidents for a group of people with the same set of circumstances, and importantly, how much the resulting claims will cost.

A big factor that affects the risk is where this group of people lives. Insurers collect records of claims that indicate factors or circumstances in certain neighbourhoods that impact on the likelihood of claims – for example, crime rate.

Many homes are insured against natural perils such as fire, and consequently one factor that affects premiums is a house’s proximity to water sources. Other factors such as heating, electricity, plumbing, roofing and security systems also have an impact on risk assessment?

Homeowners can select the types of coverage they want, and obviously the better the coverage, the higher the premium. Unlike on the road where it’s illegal to drive without insurance, homeowners are not obliged to have minimum home insurance, and thus it’s up to the individual to select the type of coverage that best suits his or her property and possessions. While there’s homeowners insurance for those who own properties, there’s also insurance that protects the personal property of renters and tenants against damage or loss, and this coverage is separate from the damages that might occur to the structure that is rented.

It’s important not to have less home insurance coverage than is needed. While most policies offer maximum coverage for the building, they don’t always cover the contents, and it’s important to understand and review policies carefully before settling for a particular one.

So You Need to Claim the Benefits of Critical Illness Cover – What Now

There are a lot of guides out there about the rising benefits of insurance, but not many guides out there about actually taking advantage of it. The last thing that you want to do is go into buying any type of protection-based product and not know how to use it when the time comes. You will know when you need to invoke your critical disease insurance, and when you can handle things on your own. Of course, you don’t want to wait around forever because then you’re putting your family into harm’s way. No one wants to do that, so we’re just going to move right along here.

The reality here is that claiming a critical illness policy isn’t as hard as you think, but it can also take a little bit of time. That’s why it’s still good to have a liquid emergency account. You want to make sure that you have plenty of resources on your side when it comes time to start thinking about how to manage your family and still make sure that you tend to your illness.

That’s when critical illness cover really kicks in. You want to make sure that you send the insurance company all of the important details. You need to let them know that yes, you do have a critical condition. While they may not take your word for it, they will take a doctor’s word for it. Have the paperwork faxed directly to the insurance company. Do make sure that you also follow up. There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing that you’re entitled to something and not being able to get what you’re actually entailed to!

The insurance specialist that helps you process your claim will be able to give you more specific information. You might have to wait a few weeks for everything to conclude, but a few weeks is better than having months and months of waiting for government assistance to arrive. By then, you and your family could really be in a lot of trouble!

This is also where good life insurance quotes come in handy. You have to make sure that you look through multiple policies and see how each one handles the specific claims that you have. All of the life insurance and critical illness cover isn’t enough if your loved ones are going to have an uphill battle just to claim it!

Make sure that you document the entire process for your own notes. That way if you ever have to make another insurance claim through the company, you’re going to know how long everything took. It’s just a little optional step — you don’t have to do it, but it definitely helps!

Home insurance if you live in a flood risk area

The importance of securing home insurance, for any homeowner, cannot be overstated – but if your home is situated in an area that automatically places it at a higher risk of sustaining damage, then this need becomes even greater. For many people, home insurance represents some degree of financial protection against a worst case scenario that they will hopefully never be faced with; but if your home is based in a flood risk area, the likelihood of having to claim on your insurance is obviously greatly increased. Unfortunately this can often complicate this issue of actually securing such an insurance policy.

To start with, many of the major insurance providers are simply unwilling to even offer home insurance coverage to those with homes in flood risk areas – which means approximately five million people in Britain. Other firms do offer home insurance to people in this situation, but the level of the premiums is significantly higher than it would be for people in a less high risk area – to reflect the far greater likelihood of the company having to pay out on the policy.

Therefore, if your home is situated in such a location, it is advisable to do everything that you can to protect your home against flooding, as this is the best way to reduce the level of your insurance premiums. While insurance companies use maps and information supplied by the Environment Agency to determine the level of flood risk attached to your home, they will also take into account preventative measures that you have instigated. You can actually consult with your insurance provider over which products – such as flood defence systems – they recommend, as using products that are trusted by the insurance company is a better way to convince them that you are lowering the risk.

It is also possible to lower premiums if you are living in such an area, by looking around at various insurance providers, before choosing one – as not all companies use the same means to determine the level of flood risk in an area.

Life Cover Drives Real Stability For Families

Stability is one of the top concerns that families have today. With the cooling economic conditions always on the brain, it’s no secret that families have a lot of tough decisions to make. It’s important to ensure that you’re always thinking about getting the best insurance policy for your family’s needs. Just as you have automobile cover, you should have life cover. Both types of cover protect your family against unknown circumstances. So why don’t more people have life cover?

In a nutshell, they don’t want to really think about it. This is something that’s completely understandable. Most people really don’t want to talk about life cover because it immediately makes them realize that there’s going to come a day where they can’t be there for their families. It’s something that is very unpleasant, but it’s something that’s a part of life. We want to desperately believe that everything will be okay, but the truth is that it’s the choices that we make that determine this. Simply put, protecting your family involves giving them peace of mind. Buying life cover is just one component of that…but a very important component indeed!

So, let’s get down to the real question that’s probably on your mind? How do you really buy life cover? The truth is that you can buy life cover by going online. After all, the Internet is one of the top places to buy life cover because you have so many options right within reach. You can comparison shop with ease, knowing that you don’t have to drive around to get things done. You can visit multiple sites, or you can visit a quote interface that gives you the best quotes from multiple sites. It’s this latter approach that most people pick, especially when they’re trying to get the best deal. It goes without saying that in order for a policy to be active, you have to make sure that you’ve paid each and every premium. You also want to do this on time, so that you ultimately lower your premiums. Paying too many premiums late can actually raise your premiums upon review.

Again, it can be hard to think about life cover, but your family needs the stability. If you really want to give them peace of mind for the long term, especially where children are concerned, life cover is the best way to do that!