A Guide to Being Self-Employed at Christmas Time

Christmas time is difficult enough for people who work full-time. It can be even tougher on those who are self-employed because they have limited income and little time on their hands.

But there are some steps that a self-employed person can take to make the holidays more enjoyable and less stressful. These steps include:

•    Make a Budget

Make a gift budget before the holidays and stick to it. Decide how much you are willing spend on gifts and don’t spend more, no matter how tempting it may be.

•    Only Use Your Personal Accounts for Gifts

Never use funds from your business account or your business credit card to pay for gifts for family and friends.

•    Budget Your Time

Carefully budget the time you have off; even give yourself more time off if possible. A good way to create more time is to do your Christmas shopping during the week, when the stores are less crowded.

•    Delegate Christmas Chores

Don’t let friends, family, and others rely on you for all the Christmas-related chores. Many people with full-time jobs assume that the self-employed have plenty of time on their hands. Make sure that this misconception gets dispelled.

•    Have Some Christmas Fun

Take time to relax and enjoy the holidays. Remember, spending time with family and friends is more important than buying them gifts. Your time is usually the most appreciated gift you can give, and the cheapest.

•    Consider Your Customers and Clients

You must remember your customers and clients during Christmas. They’re people too and they will appreciate a card, a gift, or an invitation to a Christmas party. Christmas is always a good time to build a stronger relationship with existing clients and to reach out to new ones.

•    Treat Everyone Equally

If you do give gifts or send cards to customers, try to treat everybody equally. Don’t send certain clients a better or fancier gift.
Christmas does not have to be a stressful time for the self-employed. Just follow these simple tips and you should be able to manage your business and your budget.

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